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Immunology is a branch of biomedical science that refers to the study of all aspects of the immune system of organisms. It covers the study of physiological immune system functioning, dysfunctions and immunological disorders, and the physical and chemical characteristics of immune system components.

This category lists immunology related organizations, publications, research, references, and other information sources.
  • American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

    Professional association dedicated to advancing research and education in allergy and immunology areas.

  • Cytokines and Cells Online Pathfinder Encyclopedia

    Contains fully integrated subdictionaries on angiogenesis, bacterial modulins, CD antigens and other related topics.

  • European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society

    Association of scientists in the field of myleoid cells in man and experimental animal models.

  • Every Child by Two

    Caters to parents and other concerned health practitioners. Find information on vaccine safety, barriers and solutions, diseases and vaccines, immunization schedule, resources, registries, disease photos and details on the Grantee Immunization.

  • ImmPort

    Online immunology database and analysis portal. With news, featured research, scientific guidelines, and schedules of upcoming conferences and events.

  • International Vaccine Institute

    Dedicated to preventing infectious diseases through science. Find information about the institute, publications, news, vaccines, donors and employment opportunities.

  • Joint Council of Allergy and Immunology

    Provides allergists and immunologists forum for discussions concerning their practice.

  • Sabin Vaccine Institute

    Promotes scientific advances in vaccine development, delivery and distribution worldwide. Access publications, news, information on programs and vaccine science.

  • Vaccine Protection

    Gives clear and accurate immunization information. Learn about vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccine safety, recommended childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules. Also includes FAQs and other relevant information.

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