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Genetics Software

  • BNA Baser

    Freeware sequence assembly software that operates as a FASTA to multi-FASTA format converter.

  • CodonCode Corporation

    Offers software products for DNA sequence assembly and alignment. Free trial downloads available.

  • GENtle

    Software package developed for DNA and amino acid data editing and database management.

  • Hands on Genetics

    Suite of interactive software designed for a wide range of applications in genetic studies.

  • MMDrawer

    Application designed to draw chromosome maps from the output of MapMaker EXP.

  • PeakTrace Basecaller

    DNA sequencing basecaller designed to improve the read length of ABI sequencing traces. Works with any trace produced by an ABI sequencer.

  • Progeny

    Suite of clinical, lab, and LIMS software for genotyping and pedigree management.

  • PyMood

    Desktop application designed for genomic data visualization.

  • Seqool

    Sequence analysis tool that features signal search, pattern recognition, and sequence statistics.

  • Sequence Manipulation Suite

    Collection of JavaScript applications for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences.

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