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Evolution Publications

BMC Evolutionary Biology

Open access journal offering original peer-reviewed research articles on the molecular and non-molecular evolution of all organisms.

The Evolutionist

Collection of articles by and interviews with leading evolutionary theorists.

Journal of Human Evolution

Publishes papers on all aspects of human evolution with emphasis on palaeoanthropological work.

Journal of Mammalian Evolution

Serves as a multidisciplinary forum for studies in the comparative morphology, molecular biology, paleobiology, genetics, biogeography, systematics, and population dynamics of mammals.

Journal of Molecular Evolution

Publication covering experimental and theoretical work that decipher features of molecular evolution and related processes.

Journal of Molecular Evolution

Publication on experimental and theoretical studies that aim to decipher the features of molecular evolution.

Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres

Journal of the International Astrobiology Society offering authoritative articles on astrobiology and origins of life research.

The Passionate Ape

Craig Hagstrom's home page where he offers a summary of his book, "The Passionate Ape.".

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