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Human Evolution

  • Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins

    Information and exhibits on the history of human evolution, human species, features of being human, and the future of human evolution.

  • Becoming Human

    Journey through the story of human evolution in a broadband documentary experience.

  • Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence in 3D

    Online 3D gallery presenting the modern primate relatives and fossil ancestors of humans. Includes five modern primate crania and fossil crania.

  • Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery: Hominid Evolution

    Information and materials covering man's origins from the Piltdown Man to Bipedalism, Australopithecus, the first humans, and modern Homo sapiens.

  • Institute of Human Origins

    Arizona State University institute conducting, interpreting, and publicizing scientific research on human evolution. Seeks to advance scientific understanding of human origins.

  • Leakey Foundation

    Member-supported organization dedicated to human origin research. Aims to increase the scientific knowledge, education, and public understanding of human origins, evolution, behavior, and survival.

  • The Link

    Showcases the discovery and significance of "Ida", a 47 million year old primate fossil, hailed as the missing link between lemurs and more modern primates in the human evolutionary story.

  • Natural History Museum: Human Origins

    Information about the Piltdown man, the links between chimps and humans, evolution of modern humans, and the ancient human occupation of Britain.

  • Origins and Evolution of Human Diet

    Site serving as a repository of information and links related to the study of the origins and evolution of human diet. Includes conference dates and details.

  • River Apes

    Information regarding both the classic Aquatic Ape Theory and the author's particular "riverine" interpretation.


    Human evolution related site centered on the discovery of a new hominid species evidence in Chad, a fossil skull nicknamed Toumai.

  • Section II: Hominid Evolution

    Information about evolutionary biology and human evolution before Darwin, at the time of Darwin, and beyond Darwin. Includes articles on the origin and evolution of culture, neuropsychology, and evolutionary theory.

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