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Bioinformatics Software Development

  • AceDB

    Genome database system developed to provide a custom database kernel and a nonstandard data model for the flexible of scientific data.

  • BioPHP

    Open source project aimed at providing a scripting language for the bioinformatics field.

  • Biopython

    Project initiated by an international association of software developers. Aims to build freely available Python tools for computational molecular biology.

  • BioQuery

    Bioinformatics program developed to help formulate strategies in organizing biomedical databases.

  • BioRuby

    Project aimed at implementing an integrated environment for bioinformatics with the Ruby language.

  • BioWarehouse

    Open-source software environment developed to enable the integration of a set of biological databases into a single physical database management system.

  • Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment (CESE)

    Comprehensive framework intended for the performance of computational electrophysiological simulations.

  • InterMine

    Open source data warehouse system. Enables the creation of databases of biological data accessible with sophisticated web query tools.

  • NeoBio

    Library of Java-implemented bioinformatics algorithms. Relies on the SMAWK algorithm and makes use of Lempel-Ziv compression.

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