Molecular Biology Tools in the Best of the Web Directory

Molecular Biology Tools

  • Bioexplorer Toolbar

    Provides quick access to NCBI databases and other biological resources on the Internet.


    Web-based tool designed to facilitate the visual analysis of various features in three-dimensional protein structures.

  • ConSurf

    Server for identifying functional regions in proteins through the surface-mapping of phylogenetic information.

  • DisEMBL

    Computational tool developed for the prediction of disordered or unstructured regions within a protein sequence.

  • iMolTalk

    Interactive, web-based computational analyses service for Structural Biology.

  • JAligner

    Open source Java implementation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm designed for biological sequence alignment.

  • Phyre

    Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine - a molecular biology tool available for academic and commercial users.

  • PredictProtein

    Structure and function prediction and sequence analysis tool. Site presents downloads, related news, and a discussion board.

  • Protein Function Prediction

    Automated protein function prediction server offering a representation of the statistical probability that a sequence matches a listed function annotations according to known associations gathered from publicly available functional databases.

  • ProtFun 2.2 Server

    Generates predictions of protein function from sequence. Collects information on various post-translational and localizational aspects of the protein for integration into final predictions.


    Protein structure prediction server. Performs predictions in three methods and provides results through email.

  • Rebase

    Online restriction enzyme database searchable by category, keyword, or enzyme name.

  • RestrictionMapper

    Web-based restriction mapping tool developed as a Perl script that accesses a MySQL database.

  • Secondary Structure Matching

    Interactive tool for three-dimensional protein structure comparison and structure alignment.

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