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Biology is the science of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution. The Best of the Web biology category lists sites on topics including biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, ecology, paleontology, toxicology, and zoology. It also houses biology directories, career information and sites selling biology related products and services.
  • BioProcess Online

    Resource for professionals in the bioresearch and life sciences industry - Information on drug discovery, laboratory systems and equipment, molecular and cell biology, genetic sequencing, and more.

  • Elsevier

    Information on all Elsevier books, journals, electronic products, bibliographic databases, and newsletters, plus subject news and events.

  • The International Biogeography Society

    Aims to foster collaboration between biogeographers in disparate academic fields; features conference and event information and downloadable journal issues. Biogeography

  • Meme Central

    Richard Brodie, creator of Microsoft Word and author of Virus of the Mind, gives information on memes, memetics, and mind viruses.

  • Science Direct

    The world's largest full text database with over 1800 titles, including an extensive backfiles programs, containing over 3 million articles.

  • Stephen Luk

    A student of M.Sc. in environmental biology and amateur photographer offers galleries of plants, birds, fungi, and other interests in the field of entomology.

  • Tree of Life Web Project

    Provides links and information on the diversity of organisms on Earth and their evolutionary history/phylogeny. Includes information on the characteristics of these organisms as well.

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