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  • Alcyone Software

    Features the different devices used by the company in different planetary readings.

  • Alcyone Software – Star Data

    Catalog of celestial bodies includes facts on their positions, proper motion, radial velocity, magnitudes, spectral class, color index, and luminosity.

  • Art of Stars

    Generates images of how stars would appear as viewed from a particular location on Earth.

  • Constellations

    Provides information on the mythologies and facts of the star formations. Also provides virtual tour and charts for the heavenly bodies.

  • Hawaiian Astronomical Society

    Showcases the Deepsky Atlas. Includes details on constellations, views of the solar system and related links.

  • Heart of Darkness

    Features article about stars, galaxies and black holes. Contains photos, diagrams and references.

  • Laser Stars

    Presents research material of plasma re-combination lasers. Also provides problems solving, solutions and diagrams.

  • NASA Stars and Galaxies

    Features news and information on stars and galaxies in addition and telescopic photography and slide shows.

  • News Release Archive: Galaxy - Quasar/Active Nucleus

    Collection of reports discusses observations and discoveries of several star-like objects within the Milky Way.

  • Spectra and Spectra Analysis

    Explanation on emission, lines, classification, and wave length.

  • Star and Galaxies

    Provides information on their origin, evolution, energy, and formation of the celestial bodies. Also displays photos, videos, and audio clips.

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