Meteors in the Best of the Web Directory


Astronomy 161 - Meteors and Meteor Showers

Showcases lecture piece on the origin and definition of the heavenly body. Also displays pictures and charts.

Cloudbait Observatory - Fireballs

Resource for history, photo gallery, and facts about the heavenly body.

Jupiter Scientific - The Leonids

Presents research material on the history and facts on the meteor shower. With publications and links to related pages.

Jupiter Scientific - The Perseid Meteors: Nature's Cosmic Fireworks

Provides information on when, where, how, and what to expect in watching the natural phenomena.

Nine Planets: Meteors, Meteorites and Impacts

Presents an overview of the cause of meteors, types of meteorites, and statistics.

Planetary Science Explosion - 1908 Siberia Explosion

Presents article by William Hartman on the asteroid impact; also shows his paintings of the event.

Sandia National Laboratories

Highlights article by Bill Murphy on a meteor flash he captured with the use of a camera.

Views of the Solar System - Meteoroids and Meteorites

Showcases research material by Rosanna Hamilton. Provides references and images of the celestial body.

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