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Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

Highlights the various projects conducted by the organization on near earth asteroids.

Asteroid Information Services

The Space Mechanics Group of the Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, Italy presents orbital data for all known near Earth asteroids.

Asteroid Radar Research

Details method on observing near earth objects. Presents images and links to related pages.

B612 Foundation

Aims to significantly alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015. Includes rationale, methods, and progress.

Bill Bottke's Asteroid Research

Contains biography, research, publications, and curriculum vitae of the editor.

Dan Durda

Features data and reports on space events and objects. Contains biography of the author.

Future Asteroid Interception Research Society

Promotes raising funds for astronomers to study near Earth asteroids.

Johnston’s Archive

Presents list by the author on binary asteroids. Contains diagrams and links to related pages.

Paul Wiegart, University of Western Ontario

Details the research of near Earth asteroids, including Cruithne and other asteriods in resonance with Earth.

Planetary Science Research Discoveries

Presents archive of documents on asteroids by planetary geoscientist at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii.

Sajri - Asteroid (and Comet) Groups

Article that discusses the difference between the two space objects. Includes links to related sources.

When did the asteroids become minor planets?

Article detailing the history of discovery and naming of the asteroids.

Wolfram Research

Provides information and specifications of asteroids Chiron, Plutino, Kirkwood Gaps, and the Kuiper Belt.

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