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Mars Global Surveyor

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Mars Global Surveyor

Updates on current developments on the mission to conduct evaluation on Mars' environment.

Malin Space Science Systems - MOC Captioned Image Releases

Compilation of different scenes and views captured from the planet classified according to month it was shown.

Mars Unearthed

Database of a variety of images, three-dimensional flash presentations, anaglyphs and other visualizations of the planet. Mars Global Surveyor

Includes mission overview and news article archive.

NASA Fears Worst for Spacecraft

Media coverage of the proposed analysis from the space agency concerning the operations of the device.

NSSDC Master Catalog Display: Mars Global Surveyor

Specifies the operations of the space structure that orbited planet Mars. Includes details on installed subsystems.

PDS Mars Global Surveyor MOC Image Collection

Indicates the policies imposed for the use of the pictures included in the compilation. Mars Global Surveyor

Information presented by the National Space Science Data Center detailing the measurements and other specifications of the spacecraft.

Thermal Emission Spectrometer

Discusses the functions of the instrument built for transmission of images from Mars. Includes other references.

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