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Mir Space Station

  • CNN - Mir's Woes

    Article discussing relevant issues about crisis on the space station crafted by Russia. Includes links to related data sources.

  • Mir Orbital Complex

    Specifications of the module of the space structure with analysis on re-entry procedures.

  • MIR Space Station 1986-2001

    Time line presented by a media company covering significant events in the facility during those inclusive years of operations.

  • Mir: A Rich Chronology

    Outlines the events affecting the space facility's operations and other mechanisms.

  • NASA: History of Shuttle-Mir

    Features a timeline of shuttle missions to the Mir space station, discussion of experiments, and a background of the program.

  • Nova - Terror in Space

    Contains references for activities in the outer space as well as guide materials for instructors.

  • NPR: Mir Retrospective

    Article detailing related problems and other facts about the mechanisms of the space observation structure.

  • Orbital Complex Mir

    Archive of articles providing relevant data regarding the structure used in outer space missions.

  • Shuttle-Mir: An Experiment in Science and Politics

    Exposes the decisions and other considerations of government and other institutions involved in the space facility's functions.

  • Two Soviet Cosmonauts Lofted Toward New Space Station

    Published material by New York Times covering the launching of the space station and the construction of its components.

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