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Extraterrestrial Life SETI

  • Howstuffworks

    Presents article by Craig Freudenrich entitled "How Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Works". Also shows photo gallery.

  • Invitation to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

    Features organization that wishes to build contact with aliens that are able to monitor the internet.

  • Keeney AstroResearch

    Shows organization that deals the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Also displays the equipment of the group.

  • Lucent’s Essays

    Features essay on civilization’s struggle entitled “The Age of Curiosity”. Also contains data on the Drake Equation.

  • Pigdog Journal – News on the March

    Features interview made by Siduri, Mark Territory and Splicer on Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence astronomer Seth Shostak.

  • Richard Braastad

    Features project by the author on how religion is affected by the various extraterrestrial transmission received by earth.

  • Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at Home

    Shows photo gallery on star maps and their location prepared by William Dave Hodgson.

  • Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Australia

    Features center inside the College of Science, Technology and Environment at the University of Western Sydney. Also contains data of its members.

  • Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Quest

    Showcases periodical that contains news, technical information, tutorials to bioastronomy. Also features covers various papers it released.

  • SETI Institute

    Non-profit organization devoted to furthering the understanding and origin of the universe.

  • SETI League

    Group dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Site offers member services, support resources, and information on the groups publications.

  • [email protected]

    UC Berkeley created project allowing individuals to assist in the search for extraterrestrial life using distributed computing. Site offers software downloads and information on the project.

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