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Extraterrestrial Life SETI

Active Mind

Shows article on the history and insights of Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Also contains information on Frank Drake and his equation.


Presents article by Craig Freudenrich entitled "How Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Works". Also shows photo gallery.

Invitation to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Features organization that wishes to build contact with aliens that are able to monitor the internet.

Keeney AstroResearch

Shows organization that deals the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Also displays the equipment of the group.

Pigdog Journal – News on the March

Features interview made by Siduri, Mark Territory and Splicer on Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence astronomer Seth Shostak.

Richard Braastad

Features project by the author on how religion is affected by the various extraterrestrial transmission received by earth.

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at Home

Shows photo gallery on star maps and their location prepared by William Dave Hodgson.

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Australia

Features center inside the College of Science, Technology and Environment at the University of Western Sydney. Also contains data of its members.

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Quest

Showcases periodical that contains news, technical information, tutorials to bioastronomy. Also features covers various papers it released.

SETI League

Group dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Site offers member services, support resources, and information on the groups publications.


UC Berkeley created project allowing individuals to assist in the search for extraterrestrial life using distributed computing. Site offers software downloads and information on the project.

Society for Planetary Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Research

Organization of scholars and scientist. Provides details on books and articles published.

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