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Extrasolar Planets

  • Anglo-Australian Planet Search

    Showcases program on finding giant planets near solar type stars. Also contains information on its projects, publications and members.

  • ANU – Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics

    Presents details on the educational center aimed at advancing the observational and theoretical studies of astronomy and its enabling technologies. Also displays FAQs, image gallery, and news updates.

  • California and Carnegie Extrasolar Planet Search

    Presents information and catalogs of nearby exoplanets.

  • European Space Agency Science and Technology: Darwin

    Presents an overview and updates about the telescope project designed for searching for Earth-like planets. Also contains visual presentations, news archive, and related sites.

  • European Space Agency Science and Technology: Eddington

    Space mission designed to search extrasolar planets and investigate the internal structure of stars. Also includes images, news archive, and announcements.

  • Extrasolar Planet Detection with the Advanced Fiber-Optic Echelle

    Shows compilation of documentations that details the results of the program. Also provides a reference list.

  • Extrasolar Planets

    Features documentations that contains historical accounts, results, and future implications of the search for the objects. Also displays related links.

  • Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia

    Displays an interactive catalog, illustrations, and an overview of planet searches. Also presents articles discussing current and future searches for life formations beyond the solar system.

  • Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programs

    Features research work that detail discoveries, detection, search method, and surveys of the object. Also displays related links.

  • Hubble Space Telescope Astronomy Science Team

    Provides a detailed description about the project that is designed to measure star positions and study binary stars. Also shows projects list, article collection, and application programs.

  • Nova Celestia: Extrasolar Planets

    Contains article that details the discovery of the objects including the elements present during the creation of the solar system. Also features astronomical illustrations and art gallery.

  • Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment

    Presents information on history, instrumentation, detection system, and scientific results of the project. Also contains an article that details about the Early Warning System designed for detection of microlensing events.

  • Planet Hunters

    Collaborative effort between Yale University and the Zooniverse. Aims to encourage public participation in sieving through data obtained by the NASA Kepler space mission.

  • PlanetQuest

    Research project aims to search for life in other planets.

  • Terrestrial Planet Imager

    Shows photo illustration and article that details the arrangement and component instruments of the space equipment. Also includes lists of space satellites and explorations.

  • Transit Search

    Article on the discovery of planet HD 17156 b. With news, table projecting predicted transit times and related papers.

  • Transits of Extrasolar Planets

    Features an illustrated overview on the transit method. Also displays animation, news articles, and related links.

  • Ultraviolet and Visual Echelle Spectograph

    Provides feature list, modes and parameters of the instrument, with specific tools needed. With user’s manual and news updates.

  • University of St. Andrews Planet Search

    Lists reports on several projects that aims to detect extra-solar planets. Also displays table depicting transit search programs.

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