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Astronomy and Space Education

  • AdvanceSpace

    References for studies relating to space technologies and other researches. Includes industry news and employment opportunities.

  • Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

    Updates on the activities organized by the institution as well as profile of board members and history of their operations.

  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Universe in the Classroom

    Introduces a free quarterly educational newsletter showing current astronomical issues and hands-on classroom activities. Also contains subscription information and article archive.

  • Astronomy Basics

    Provides fundamental principles about the origin of the universe. Also includes factual details about planets, the sun, and other celestial entities.

  • Astronomy in Your Hands

    Features information about hands-on activities for classroom and home environments. Also presents a downloadable star wheel with a version available for every latitude on Earth.

  • Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

    Shows what auroras look like on Earth and from space, explains how they are created, and shows where they can be found.

  • Celestial Navigation Net

    Presents accounts relating to navigating by stars, the moon, and the sun. Also features discussions on the basic theory, practice, history, and instruments of the technique.

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy by Evening Study

    Details admission requirements, course syllabus, study sessions, and student fees.

  • Challenger Center for Space Science Education

    Highlights details of organized events. Provides references for students and teachers.

  • Earth and Sky

    Displays articles and news updates on space explorations, events, and observations. Also features collections of radio shows related to the discipline of astronomy.

  • ESO Outreach

    Contains press releases, multi-media materials, events details, news articles, and an astronomical glossary. Also displays information on merchandise, equipment, and employment opportunities.

  • Exploration in Education

    Project that provides learning materials to studies about related subjects on space exploration.

  • Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground

    Contains the complete text and illustrations of this book, which features dozens of hands on astronomy activities for children, particularly suitable for use in the classroom. From Harvard.

  • From Stargazers to Starships

    Index of articles that serves as reference materials for the topic that can be presented as lessons in high school.

  • From Stargazers to Starships

    Features a historical exposition of the motion of Earth in space. Also presents concepts about Newtonian mechanics, space travels to Mars, and airplane flights.

  • Group of Studies on Space Sciences

    Initiated by Brazilian students in order to discuss relevant issues about aerospatial technologies in the country.

  • History of Gamma-ray Astronomy

    Provides information about and examples of gamma rays being produced and detected. Also includes details on how these electromagnetic radiations are observed.

  • International Space University

    Application procedures for the educational institution that offers learning programs about aerospace.

  • Mike Mullane

    Profiles the career of the astronaut who has published books about space explorations.

  • Mysteries of the Deep Space

    Displays an interactive timeline detailing the beginning and the probable end of the universe. Also features classroom activities, trivia challenge, and questions and answers with experts.

  • National Astronomy Education Projects

    Contains lists of projects, instructional materials, workshops, educational programs, and newsletters.

  • Principles of Astronomy

    Displays course outlines of monthly lessons with study guides. Also shows downloadable application programs for students.

  • Red Rover Goes to Mars

    Indicates the achievement of the device's operations when it was taken to Mars. Includes technical data on installed instruments.

  • Scale Model Communication Satellite

    Description of the product's uses with details on installed kits, pricing information and purchasing processes presented.

  • Science Popularization Association of Communications and Educators Portal

    Presents lists of clubs and schools associated with the organization. Also contains article archive, FAQs, image gallery, and space calendar.

  • Solar System

    Displays statistical data of planets like the distance of their orbit from the sun and their diameter, including the size of the sun.

  • Solar System Ambassadors Program

    Discusses the coverage of the project with an index of scheduled activities and news articles.

  • Space Explorers, Inc.

    Established to provide simulation and other educational activities in classrooms with a portfolio of Internet-based programs.

  • Spanish Language Astronomy Materials Education Center

    Presents a resource guide on recommended books, periodicals and other instructional materials sorted by grade level.

  • Stanford Solar Center

    Site presents press releases, videos, resources for students and educators, solar art and literature, and links to other pages of interest.

  • Starry Skies

    Collections of articles featuring information about the solar system, space exploration, and constellations.

  • Swinburne Astronomy Online

    Features online postgraduate degree programs. Also details application requirements, course outlines, and semester dates.

  • Universities Space Research Association

    Indicates the functions of the organization with description of conducted programs and educational outreach projects.

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