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Amateur Radio Astronomy

  • African-European Radio Astronomy Platform (AERAP)

    Forum established to define priorities for radio astronomy cooperation between Europe and Africa. Seeks to strengthen research and innovation.

  • Amateur Radio Astronomy

    Provides information on the construction instrumentality of the electrical device that sends and receives radio signals.

  • Amateur SETI: Project BAMBI

    Factual data on the design and setting up of the radio telescope. Also displays observational outcomes, graphs and diagrams of celestial objects.

  • Basics of Radio Astronomy

    List of articles on the scope and development of the study. With details on the effects of the gravitational pull and movement of astronomical objects.

  • Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies

    One of the expert committees of the European Science Foundation. Coordinates activities to prevent interference on the frequency bands used by radio astronomy and space sciences.

  • Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA)

    Serves as Curtin University's link to the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Presents information on courses and research projects.

  • European Radio Astronomy Club

    Presents organization’s officers, groups and collaborators. With information on their observations on the solar system objects.

  • Frontiers in Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Sciences

    International symposium centered on developments in the field of radio astronomy and the potentials of FAST early science operation.

  • International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)

    Collaborative radio astronomy center in Perth, Western Australia. Site provides information on ICRAR's research, outreach, and education activities. With a multimedia gallery.


    International committee established to undertake spectrum management and frequency allocations for radio astronomy and space science.

  • John Mckay’s Astronomy

    Describes design and structure of the radio telescope. Displays graphs on the initial outcomes of the activity.

  • Jupiter Radio Astronomy

    Observation data on the conditions and activities of the Jovian planet. With collection of articles associated with the study.


    Real-time multiple sensor array project initiated by the ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy.

  • Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR)

    Undertakes research on astronomical objects through radio and infrared emissions. Aims to uncover the mysteries in the evolution of the universe.

  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

    Presents NRAO news and updates, information on facilities, guides for visitors, radio astronomy data, and schedule of events.

  • Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

    Association offers instructional courses and structured activities. Provides equipment descriptions and article collection.

  • Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

    Presents information about the observatory's radio telescopes, departments, and laboratories.

  • Radio Astronomy

    Art and science project that broadcasts on the Internet and over the radio airwaves audio signals intercepted from space.

  • Radio Astronomy Centre

    Component of India's National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA). Site provides information on the facilities, current studies, research programs, and events.

  • Radio-Sky Publishing

    Features application programs including instructional tools intended for the visually impaired individuals. With archives of books and astronomical projects.

  • SETI Research and Community Development Institute

    Provides documentations on space communicators, observatories and power station units of the organization. Also features astronomy application programs.

  • Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

    Features organization’s instructional services and expertise on the study of the universe using radio communication. With collections of photos and articles.

  • Steward Observatory Radio Astronomy Laboratory (SORAL)

    Facility devoted to designing, building and testing submillimeter-wave and terahertz radio receivers for astronomical applications.

  • UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network

    Shows film clips associated with the study. Also provides links to book reviews and resources.

  • UK Radio Astronomy Association (UKRAA)

    Organization established to support the Radio Astronomy Group of the British Astronomical Association in the development and sale of equipment for radio astronomy.

  • Very Large Array

    Astronomical radio observatory on the Plains of San Agustin consisting of 27 radio antennas in a y-shaped configuration.

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