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Entrance to sites for amateur radio astronomy information. Dedicated enthusiasts make radio observations of the sky, construct antennas, and design telescopes.
  • African-European Radio Astronomy Platform (AERAP)

    Forum established to define priorities for radio astronomy cooperation between Europe and Africa. Seeks to strengthen research and innovation.

  • Amateur Radio Astronomy

    Provides information on the construction instrumentality of the electrical device that sends and receives radio signals.

  • Amateur SETI: Project BAMBI

    Factual data on the design and setting up of the radio telescope. Also displays observational outcomes, graphs and diagrams of celestial objects.

  • Basics of Radio Astronomy

    List of articles on the scope and development of the study. With details on the effects of the gravitational pull and movement of astronomical objects.

  • Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA)

    Serves as Curtin University's link to the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Presents information on courses and research projects.

  • European Radio Astronomy Club

    Presents organization’s officers, groups and collaborators. With information on their observations on the solar system objects.

  • Frontiers in Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Sciences

    International symposium centered on developments in the field of radio astronomy and the potentials of FAST early science operation.

  • International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)

    Collaborative radio astronomy center in Perth, Western Australia. Site provides information on ICRAR's research, outreach, and education activities. With a multimedia gallery.


    International committee established to undertake spectrum management and frequency allocations for radio astronomy and space science.

  • John Mckay’s Astronomy

    Describes design and structure of the radio telescope. Displays graphs on the initial outcomes of the activity.

  • Jupiter Radio Astronomy

    Observation data on the conditions and activities of the Jovian planet. With collection of articles associated with the study.


    Real-time multiple sensor array project initiated by the ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy.

  • Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR)

    Undertakes research on astronomical objects through radio and infrared emissions. Aims to uncover the mysteries in the evolution of the universe.

  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

    Presents NRAO news and updates, information on facilities, guides for visitors, radio astronomy data, and schedule of events.

  • Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

    Association offers instructional courses and structured activities. Provides equipment descriptions and article collection.

  • Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

    Presents information about the observatory's radio telescopes, departments, and laboratories.

  • Radio Astronomy

    Art and science project that broadcasts on the Internet and over the radio airwaves audio signals intercepted from space.

  • Radio Astronomy Centre

    Component of India's National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA). Site provides information on the facilities, current studies, research programs, and events.

  • Radio-Sky Publishing

    Features application programs including instructional tools intended for the visually impaired individuals. With archives of books and astronomical projects.

  • SETI Research and Community Development Institute

    Provides documentations on space communicators, observatories and power station units of the organization. Also features astronomy application programs.

  • Steward Observatory Radio Astronomy Laboratory (SORAL)

    Facility devoted to designing, building and testing submillimeter-wave and terahertz radio receivers for astronomical applications.

  • UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network

    Shows film clips associated with the study. Also provides links to book reviews and resources.

  • UK Radio Astronomy Association (UKRAA)

    Organization established to support the Radio Astronomy Group of the British Astronomical Association in the development and sale of equipment for radio astronomy.

  • Very Large Array

    Astronomical radio observatory on the Plains of San Agustin consisting of 27 radio antennas in a y-shaped configuration.

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