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Amateur Astronomy Chats and Forums

Absolute Beginner’s Astronomy Forum

Contains collection of astronomical topics subject for open discussions with submission details.


Presents discussions on space events and commercialization. Also features information on organized projects and activities.

Astronomy Chat Room

Interactive conversation room for amateur astronomers from all over the world. Also includes articles about astronomy and equipment.

Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum

Accepts astronomy related questions and provides them with answers. Also contains discussions on space exploration and life existence in other celestial bodies.

Extreme Astronomy

Contains a collection of messages, news, and discussions related to astronomical objects, sky observing and events, astrophotography, and facilities.

Space Banter

Provides a venue for exchanging and sharing of views on imaging techniques, exploration projects, astrophysical phenomena observations, technical issues, and equipment operations. Also displays astronomical photos and related news updates.

The Spaceport

Contains discussion forums on space launches and missions, search for extraterrestrials, and space explorations.

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