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Amateur Astronomy Beginners

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Discover resources for beginners of amateur astronomy. How to by telescopes and what to look for, equipment and software reviews, vendors, videos, and general information.
  • About Astronomy

    Disseminates information about astronomical equipment and accessories for beginners. Also contains directions on how to observe distant objects and how to interpret star charts.

  • Advice for New Astronomers

    Article list on hints and tips in buying telescopes.

  • Amateur Astronomer’s Notebook

    Presents details on observing the dark skies without optical aids. Also includes evaluations of astronomical tools and systems.

  • Ask the Astronomer at the Astronomy Café

    Archive of questions about astronomy and space science for novices.

  • Astrocentral

    Provides rudimentary information about star viewing for novice enthusiasts.

  • Astronomy Nexus

    Provides resources on all matters about the study, including FAQsandaccounts of personal experiences. Also shows a reference work covering topics about the sun.

  • Astronomy Today

    Lists frequently asked questions related with purchasing astronomical equipment and accessories.

  • Astro-Tom: Telescopes

    Displays astronomy-related discussions and articles. Also presents technical information on the operation and adjustment of the instrument.

  • Beginning Astronomy

    Shows suggestions on how to begin the activity, what telescope to use and how to observe distant objects.

  • Frequently Asked Questions in Astronomy

    Displays compilation of questions on astronomical equipment, objects, calendars and phenomena.

  • Hot Liquid Magma

    Electronic encyclopedia displays accounts on the astronomers of the past. With details on space vehicle expeditions.

  • Name a Star Gift

    Presents information about stars and space explorations. Also presents trivia questions with answers about stars.

  • Observational Astronomy

    Provides explanations on the different kinds of amateur observation. Features photo galleries of sky phenomena, constellations, planets and deep sky objects.

  • Sights Above

    Features gallery of astronomical images, instrument descriptions and instructional articles. With brain teasers used to test one’s knowledge on astronomy.

  • Skywatch

    Contains documentations on meteor showers and Mars phenomena. Also provides information on weather conditions and activities.

  • Telescopes

    Provides details about the types and features of telescopes including their advantages and disadvantages. Also includes a glossary related to designs, manufacture and use of the scope.

  • Widescreen Center

    Sells a wide range of equipment that includes telescopes, binoculars, lenses, and tripods.

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