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Amateur Astronomy

  • Alpha Centauri‚Äôs Universe

    Contains collections astronomical images, articles, film clips, and monthly publications.

  • The Astro Pages

    Polls, photos, articles, telescope making, observer's logs, astrological calendar and related resources.

  • Astro World

    Features astronomical images, film clips, mathematical statements and formulas, and related links.

  • Astroimager

    Contains stellar photos, software system, and related links. Also presents brief details about converting equipment.

  • The Astronomer

    Magazine for the advanced amateur aiming to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made.

  • Astronomical Observatory Plomin Croatia

    Shows article collections, image gallery, variable stars catalog, equipment details, and links.

  • Astronomy Awards

    Collection of resources for the budding astronomer.

  • Astronomy Boy

    Features here for newcomers, for do-it-yourselfers, for deep sky observers, and for astrophotographers.

  • Astroscopic Labs

    Contains article collection, equipment evaluations, list of cameras, and related links. Also shows list of celestial objects visible during a particular time and day.

  • Backyard Astronomy

    Amateur astronomy resource providing equipment recommendations, telescope viewing information, and a blog from the author.

  • Backyard Astronomy

    Supplement to the book. Contains updates to the book, product reviews and recommendations.

  • Curious About Astronomy?

    Sites posts visitor submitted questions and answers from a Cornell Astronomer.

  • Hands-On Universe

    Educational program that enables students to investigate the universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology.

  • Ice in Space

    Online amateur astronomy community featuring forums, projects and articles, equipment reviews, images, and related links and resources.

  • Night Sky Info

    Provides weekly highlights of what astronomer's can expect to see in the night sky.

  • Night Sky Observer

    News, articles, links, online shopping, software, and links for amateur astronomers.

  • Rick Costello Space Art Paintings

    Displays a collection of space art paintings created by the astronomy art enthusiast.


    Exhibits news updates, articles, photos, observing aids, a glossary guide, and FAQs. Also includes details about astrophotography and other astronomical equipment.

  • Stargazing Network

    Dedicated to provide free webpage hosting just for the Astronomy Community.

  • What's Up: Observatory in Eilat

    Accommodates visitors who are interested in viewing the moon and planets through their dark sky safari service.

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