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View personal web pages where individuals tackle various scientific theories and topics - extra-terrestrials, science fiction, predictive science, and life in the future.
  • Dr. Brainz Lab of Knowledge

    Insinuates that science fiction is actually science that humans have not mastered yet.

  • The Josef Hasslberger Page

    Elaborates on the possibility of life in other places of the universe and presents alternative view on physics, economy, and new energy.

  • Norman Spacer

    Personal website containing the collection of Norman Spacer's writings. Also tackles predictive science and life in the future.

  • Rupert Sheldrake

    British biologist and author presents information on his research into telepathic abilities, animal telepathy and morphic fields. Includes FAQ, details of the author's books and information on controversies.

  • Star Drive

    Contains personal musing on extra-terrestrials physics, exotic propulsion, philosophy, and more.

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