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Cryptozoology is the field of science that studies the evidence that creatures such as the Abdominable Snowman, Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness monster do in fact exist. Presents resources related to a variety of creatures - unknown primates, sea serpents and lake monsters, big cats, and living dinosaurs.
  • British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club

    Organization composed of enthusiasts who are interested in the investigation of animals that have not been identified yet by science.

  • The Cryptid Zoo

    Exploration and presentation on the existence of humanoids, draconic, and extinct or not-yet-accepted-as-true animals.

  • Cryptozoological Realms

    Maintains a list of cryptozoological animals along with descriptions and information on their alleged sightings, diet, and habitat.

  • The Cryptozoologist

    Contains featured books on cryptozoology, news, blogs, and answers to frequently asked questions. A museum of cryptozoology is also presented.

  • Cryptozoology

    Compendium of data on some of the unknown animals studied in the particular science field such as the giant squid, sea serpents and prehistoric bears.

  • Cryptozoology

    Detailed article describing the history of the field of science that studies animals believed to have existed at one point in time.


    Presents news, facilitates chats and discussion forums, and provides articles and a glossary of related terms.

  • La Bete

    Site dedicated to the monster of Gevaudan. Describes the La Bete monster and presents a book about it.

  • The Shadowlands

    Established in 1994 and dedicated to the education of visitors regarding various topics that deal with the paranormal, the extraterrestrial, and the otherworldly.

  • Sniggle: Cryptozoology

    Dedicated to educating the public on the said scientific field and aims to divulge pertinent details on imaginary prehistoric monsters.

  • Strange Ark: Cryptozoology and More

    Lists the different publications that deal with the specified branch of science and provides various resources dealing with cryptozoology and related fields.

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