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This category is for sites that present, explore, or discuss catastrophic scenarios believed to possibly take place in the year 2012 particularly those involving pole shifts, planetary alignment, and the "predictions" of the Mayan Calendar and observed patterns that associate 2012 with end-of-times scenarios.
  • 2012: Dire Gnosis

    Database for information about the year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Aims to avoid bias and report all ideas including opposing views.

  • Alignment 2012

    Explores 2012 studies and the Maya Calendar, posts news and updates, and presents books and DVDs.

  • December212012.com

    Presents the Mayan prophecy, news related to 2012, forums, an audio-video gallery, books, prophecies, predictions, and articles linking 2012 to disasters, the solar system, Nibiru, war, politics, Bible code, and religions.

  • Maya 2012

    Expounds a variety of theories about 2012, complete with videos.

  • Nostradamus, Comet Planet 2012 A.D.

    Articles about the alleged coming of a comet planet that will trigger an apocalyptic catastrophe.

  • Pole Shift Forum

    Site dedicated stimulating critical thought and discussions on the topic of Earth pole shifting. Includes technical arguments and an evidence chart.

  • Survive 2012

    Provides information about the Mayan calendar, a list of possible 2012 scenarios, books, videos, and articles.

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