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Anomalies and Alternative Science

A Quantum Chromodynamics

Presents alternative science theories and concepts. Covers topics such as chemistry, physics, and cosmology.

Chemtrails: An Introduction

Offers an introduction to the theory that chemical or biological agents are being deliberately sprayed at high altitudes, and being masked as airplane contrails.

Coast to Coast AM

Nightly US wide radio show which discusses alternative science and the paranormal. Includes show archive and articles. coasttocoastam


Contains a variety of articles and news that take alternative perspectives. Includes items on the environment, "X-files," science, and more. earthfiles

Educate Yourself

Free educational forum disseminating information regarding a variety of topics including health, science, reality TV, society, and others.

Flat Earth Society

Contains forums, wiki and library from this society for those who believe the earth is flat. danielshenton


Promotes an aesthetic model for coexistence between species. Explores the possibility of human and animal communication.

Laura Lee Show

Radio talk show which focuses on alternative theories, ancient wisdom, holistic therapies and the unexplained. Features audio on demand, articles and details of forthcoming shows.


Contains active discussion forums for those who like to debunk alternative theories on just about anything.


Physics Enigmas and Consciousness Enigmas. Publication offering theories, discussions, and conclusions on controversial subjects.


Devoted to debunking pseudoskepticism and critically examining the claims of skeptics.


Exhibition dedicated to the paranormal. Site contains news and updates from the museum.

The Society for Scientific Exploration

Professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. SSE_Tweets

Unexplained Mysteries

Resource for news, multimedia presentations, and discussions on alternative topics such as paranormal phenomena and conspiracies. unexplainedmys

Unknown Country

Presents odd information or news with atypical angles. Aims to stimulate rethinking on various topics.


Introduces an Indian belief that properly constructed buildings and villages can lead to better, more prosperous, and more peaceful lives.

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