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  • Composting with Redworms

    Explains the workings of a home vermiculture system - materials, operational information, right worms, biology, FAQs, and setting up.

  • Earthworm Ecology and Sustaining Agriculture

    Discusses the significant role of earthworms in the ecological balance and environmental sustainability.

  • Home Composting With Worms

    Contains overview, worm facts, set-up steps, and common pests and problems.

  • How To Compost

    Compost resource providing helpful articles, related products, and other various aspects of the field.

  • Journey to Forever: Vermicomposting

    Organic garden shares definition, plant benefits, preferred worm species, breeding, worm boxes, bedding, feeding, harvesting, and problems.

  • Red Worm Composting

    Vermiholic's website shares background, quick facts, getting started, raising worms, videos, interviews, newsletter, and references.

  • Vermicomposting and Vermiculture: Worms, Bins and How To Get Started

    Article for new composters covers what it is, why use worms, how it works, benefits, categories of bins, getting started, and vermicomposting tips.

  • Vermicomposting: Composting with Worms

    Instructional guide on getting started with vermicomposting.

  • Vermiculture Manual

    Explores history and basic concepts of vermicomposting. Includes online courses, forum, contact information, and affiliated breeders.

  • Worm Digest

    Collection of articles and information focusing on worm composting.

  • The Worm Wigwam

    Features a vermicomposting system designed to process large amounts of food and organic waste, plus the easy extraction of "worm-free" finished compost.

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