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This category lists suppliers of worms and equipment for farming and composting purposes.
  • A Venture Into Vermiculture

    Provides online store, retailer information, getting-started DVD, FAQs, background, and contact details.

  • Acme Worm Farm

    Information and equipment for worm farming. Offers details on home and commercial ventures, bins, worms, brewers, and supplies.

  • Blue Belly Farm

    Get information on building a worm bin and vermicomposting. Related products available.

  • Cathy's Crawly Composters

    Worm supplier has catalog, events and kids activities posted.

  • Cosmos Red Worms

    Order information available for Red Wiggler Worms. Read about Cosmo's composting adventures.

  • Down to Earth Farm

    Offers red worms, castings and composting kits.

  • Global Worming

    South African business delivering worms, organic fertilizers and worm farms worldwide provides details of products and ordering information.

  • Happy D Ranch

    Product specials, worms, bins, bait, books, and accessories. Gives guidelines and articles.

  • Kazarie Worm Farm

    Learn how to make a worm bin and browse the product for sale. See photographs of the worms.

  • Magic Wiggler Worm Ranch

    Products include red wiggler worms, starter bins, kits, and worm castings. Describes uses, tips, contact, and ordering.

  • Rancho Verma Farms

    Get information on the Can'O'Worms composting bin.

  • Rising Mist Organic Farm

    Describes products, including worms, bins, castings, and harvesters. With ordering details, reviews, FAQs, and resources.

  • Three Trees Farm

    Supplies worms, castings, bins, and bin plans. Includes FAQs, beneficial insects, and glossary.

  • Topline's Worm Site

    Contains information and prices on bins, composters, digesters, worms, and related products. Furnishes FAQs, directory, and books.

  • VermiCo

    Supplies vermiculture information and products, including books, bins, tools, harvesters, castings, packages, workshops, and consulting.

  • Wild West Worm Farm

    Supplies many types of worms including red worms for composting and night crawlers for fishing. Also sells beneficial bugs such as ladybugs and praying mantis egg cases.

  • Wilson's Worms

    Worms, bins and castings are available from this Montana farm.

  • The Worm Factory

    Canadian company lists worms packages and starter, bedding, and educational kits. Explains programs, events, and operation.

  • Worm Lady

    Learn how to set up a worm bin and purchase red worms. Get vermiculture advice from the Baroness von Vermi.

  • Worm Man's Farm

    Offers worms and beneficial insects for organic gardening. Forum available.

  • Worm World

    Get details on worms, castings, farms, books, novelties and bins.

  • Wormpoop.com

    Discusses composting, setting up beds, recycling, and products. Features red worms, castings, projects, activities, and specialty items.

  • Worms Wrangler

    Learn about worm biology, castings, and purchasing worms. Offers many related articles.

  • Worms.com

    Offers the usual worm and compost products, but also has a worm forum and children's section. Get plans for building a compost bin.

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