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This category lists suppliers of worms and equipment for farming and composting purposes.
  • A Venture Into Vermiculture

    Provides online store, retailer information, getting-started DVD, FAQs, background, and contact details.

  • Acme Worm Farm

    Information and equipment for worm farming. Offers details on home and commercial ventures, bins, worms, brewers, and supplies.

  • Blue Belly Farm

    Get information on building a worm bin and vermicomposting. Related products available.

  • Cape Cod Worm Farm

    Addresses worms in organic gardening, soil improvement, composting, and fertilizer and amendments. Includes ordering help and FAQs.

  • Cathy's Crawly Composters

    Worm supplier has catalog, events and kids activities posted.

  • Cosmos Red Worms

    Order information available for Red Wiggler Worms. Read about Cosmo's composting adventures.

  • Down to Earth Farm

    Offers red worms, castings and composting kits.

  • Global Worming

    South African business delivering worms, organic fertilizers and worm farms worldwide provides details of products and ordering information.

  • Happy D Ranch

    Product specials, worms, bins, bait, books, and accessories. Gives guidelines and articles.

  • Kazarie Worm Farm

    Learn how to make a worm bin and browse the product for sale. See photographs of the worms.

  • Magic Wiggler Worm Ranch

    Products include red wiggler worms, starter bins, kits, and worm castings. Describes uses, tips, contact, and ordering.

  • Rancho Verma Farms

    Get information on the Can'O'Worms composting bin.

  • Rising Mist Organic Farm

    Describes products, including worms, bins, castings, and harvesters. With ordering details, reviews, FAQs, and resources.

  • Three Trees Farm

    Supplies worms, castings, bins, and bin plans. Includes FAQs, beneficial insects, and glossary.

  • Topline's Worm Site

    Contains information and prices on bins, composters, digesters, worms, and related products. Furnishes FAQs, directory, and books.

  • VermiCo

    Supplies vermiculture information and products, including books, bins, tools, harvesters, castings, packages, workshops, and consulting.

  • The Worm Factory

    Canadian company lists worms packages and starter, bedding, and educational kits. Explains programs, events, and operation.

  • Worm Lady

    Learn how to set up a worm bin and purchase red worms. Get vermiculture advice from the Baroness von Vermi.

  • Worm Man's Farm

    Offers worms and beneficial insects for organic gardening. Forum available.

  • Worm World

    Get details on worms, castings, farms, books, novelties and bins.

  • Wormpoop.com

    Discusses composting, setting up beds, recycling, and products. Features red worms, castings, projects, activities, and specialty items.

  • Worms.com

    Offers the usual worm and compost products, but also has a worm forum and children's section. Get plans for building a compost bin.

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