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Arts and Entertainment: Libraries

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resource Network

Network of people and organisations servicing the information needs of Aboriginal and Torres Street Islander people provides details of membership, conferences, protocols, publications and projects.

Australian Libraries Gateway

Features information on finding a library, locating a book in an Australian library, pathways to information, online exhibitions, news and contacts.

Australian Library and Information Association

Offers information on membership, benefits, events, activities, news, publications, education and employment.

Australian School Library Association

National authority in the field of teacher librarianship and school library services.

Friends of Libraries Australia

Gives details of services, news and membership.

National Library of Australia

Details on how to access the collections, digital collections to explore and where to find information.

Pandora Archive

Collaboration of nine libraries along with the National Library of Australia to archive and make accessible online publications that are by Australian authors or are about Australia itself.

Parliamentary Library Australia

Contains information and analytical services including current as well as historical information about senators, members, ministries and elections.

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