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Lithuania Government

Department of Statistics

Displays statistical data about the country’s economy, social demography and environmental changes.

Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Official site details the administration’s constitutional obligations, coordination of EU affairs, and project reports.

Ministry of Agriculture

Presents information on the bureau’s structure, government programs, statistics and policies.

Ministry of Economy

Presents details and updates on the country’s economic condition. Displays its structure, publications and related links.

Ministry of Education and Science

Shows general information about the bureau and details its structures, activities, legislation and facility.

Ministry of Finance

Details the bureau’s activities and structure and presents its policy overview, publications and resources.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Shows the department’s press releases and consular information. Includes details on its policy priorities, structure and media service.

Ministry of Interior

Provides information and updates on the bureau’s activities and projects. Includes an overview of its structure, articles and reports.

Ministry of Justice

Presents the history and profile of the department. Details its office directions, working hours, and the Strasbourg Court.

Ministry of National Defense

Displays articles about the office’s current events and shows a photo gallery, program updates and contact details.

Ministry of Social Security and Labor

Presents details on the department’s structure, legislation, applications and systems. Shows an archive of press releases, departmental reports and resources.

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Provides an overview about the office and its activities. Details the country’s transportation system and international relations; with contact information and related links included.

National Paying Agency

Provides information about this independent national budgetary institution acting in the field of administration of the Ministry of Agriculture. Shows the reports of its programs, activities and applications.

Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

Official site displays the sector’s structure, history, internal relations and services.

Presidential Office of the Republic of Lithuania

Presents details on the chief of state’s activities and shows his biography, personal facts, photographs and interview excerpts.

State Border Guard Service

Official site contains an overview about the unit, information for the media, FAQs, and resources.

State Non-Food Products Inspectorate

Checks and controls the safety and legality of non-food products supplied to the state market for consumer purposes. Contains general information about the agency and details its statutes and structure.

World Legal Information Institute – Lithuania

Search facility database of the country’s national legal resources including their legislation, law reform and treaties.

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