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South Korea Society and Culture


Protest against the non-reinstatement of the dismissed Sammi workers.

Christian Science Monitor - South Korea Bars Secret Video of the North

News article on the South Korean TV authorities' non-airing of the smuggled tape from North Korea depicting summary executions of blindfolded prisoners.

Does U.S. Abet Korean Sex Trade?

Article analyzes the relation between the presence of U.S. troops and the prevalence of prostitution on the country.

Free Song

Petition for the release of the German-Korean Professor Song Du-Yul and abolition of the National Security Law.

Dedicated to the promotion of hanbok, Korea’s traditional clothing.

Independence Hall of Korea

Contains details on the different exhibition halls of the establishment. Also includes visitor information and virtual tours.

Korea Labor Institute

Public research institute specializes in labor issues and policy.

The Korea Society

Private, non-profit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to the promotion of greater awareness, understanding and cooperation between the people of the United States and Korea.

Korea through Western Cartographic Eyes

Provides insightful information on the history of Korea as depicted on cartographic sketches made by foreigners over the years.

Korean Cultural Notes - An Interested European's Perspective

Started as a diary of a first-time EFL teacher, now contains some notes on Korean culture, society, language, history, and music.

Korean Holidays

Links to national holidays according to solar and lunar calendars.

Seoul Searching

Informational and entertainment portal to living and surviving in South and North Korea, especially Seoul.

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