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China Society and Culture

China Harvest Ministries

Christian organization operates an orphanage and provides medical care, events and programs for children who are orphans.

Chinese Farmer's Calendar

Discusses the superstitions and traditions of the locals regarding date selections of special events including weddings and baptisms.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

Features a tool used by the locals for planning festivals and special occasions.

Chinese Lunar Calendar - Astronomical Programming

Details the differences between the Gregorian dating system and of the local astrological measurement.

Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Describes the role of the association inculding information on cooperation with local governments, NGO exchanges, events and programs.

Chinese Wedding Customs

Discusses the various customs within the locale including the festivals, wedding rituals, and rites to naming newborns.

Cultural China

Extensive information about Chinese culture, aiming to popularize it throughout the world, promote cultural exchanges. Non-profit cultural website initiated by the Shanghai News and Press Bureau.

East West Dialogue

Explores the similarities of both the Chinese and Western cultures and philosophies.

Essence of Chinese Calendar

Reports on the usage of the Stem-Branch system to predict the lunar leap month used by the locals to plan festivals and special occasions.

Ling Lung Women's Magazine 1931 to 1937

Features the images of the literature piece that talks about fashion, interior design, and pop psychology.

Mandarintools: Western-Chinese Calendar Converter

Explores the conversion methods between the two dating systems.

The Theory of Chinese Lunar Calendar

Discusses the difference between the astronomical and civil dating systems.

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