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Azerbaijan Government

Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic

The national reserve bank, responsible for monetary policy, currency, and regulation of the banking system. Includes information about their role, activities, and policies, with statistics, reports, and publications.

Commission on Combating Corruption

Describes their role and structure, with background on legislation and news.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies

Responsible for telecommunications, information systems and technologies, and postal services; describes its functions, services, and standards, with a history, resources, and news.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Information about its role and structure; also includes a guide to the country's history, archaeology, museums, environment, and tourism.

Ministry of Finance

A central executive authority carrying out state financial policy and organizing state financing. Includes information about the state budget, debt, insurance supervision, and national accounting standards.

Ministry of Justice

Describes its role, services, and structure within the context of ongoing reforms, particularly in relation to human rights and international cooperation.

Ministry of Taxes

Responsible for the implementation of national tax policies, and for collecting tax payments. Includes information about their structure, legislation, and services.

President of Azerbaijan

Official site for the Presidency, with background on the country and its constitution, a profile of the President; also includes information about the administration, priorities, and activities.

State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons

Tasked with securing the release of prisoners of war and hostages, tracing people who are missing, and rehabilitating those who return; includes information about their role, activities, and liaison with international institutions.

State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displayed Persons

Tasked with managing the temporary settlement and social protection of refugees and internally displaced persons. Describes their programs, with information about legislation.

State Committee on Property Issues

Established to provide management for state property, manage its privatization, and attract investment. Includes information about their role, competitions and tenders, and contacts.

State Customs Committee

Offers information about legislation, customs tariffs, their activities and regional network of controls.

State Maritime Administration (RASMA)

Responsible for safety of navigation, service of waterways and channels, managing the movement of ships, and hydrographic services. Includes details of their training function, a listing of shipping companies, and background on the Caspian Sea.

State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Describes their role, with information about their publications, legislation and news. Also presents a range of national statistics and demographic indicators.

Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic

Offers information about their role in civil and criminal cases, relevant legislation, and procedures, with news and press releases.

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