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Guides and Directories In Africa

A Country Study - South Africa

Features a country profile provided by the US Library of Congress including information on geography, society, the economy, transportatin, telecommunications, government, politics and national security.


Specifies different services offered and posts news bulletins in the world of sports and entertainment.

BBC News

Comprehensive article detailing the overview, facts, leaders and media in South Africa.

CIA – World Fact Book

Features the map of the country and presents the overview of the geography, people and other sectors in the nation.

Columbia University Libraries – African Studies

Information database containing extensive resources about the country, from its Constitutional Law to its Political Parties.

E-South Africa

Provides lists and descriptions of different sites based in the country and related to various categories such as bookings, music and television.


Contains a selection of South African related resources including links to business, finance, news and property.

Nation Master – South Africa

Supplies extensive facts and figures about the country and its background. Topics range from age distribution to transportation.

New Nations - South Africa

Offers an overview of the country including a map and related links.

RSA Overseas – South African Portal

Resource portal for different products, services and related data regarding the country dubbed as the rainbow nation.

South Africa Online

Directory for different sites in the country ranging from accommodation to travel and tourism. Forex rates and travel information also provided.

South African

Contains the comprehensive database regarding various sectors in the country such as arts, entertainment and travel.

South African Web

Comprehensive directory containing information and related resources about the country and its background and businesses.

Stanford University

Enumerates various categories related to the rainbow nation, from its art to its women.

Susy Search

Search engine form South Africa that offers various options for advertising and marketing.

University of Pennsylvania – African Studies Center

Provides short descriptions of different resources related to the country. Includes country map and related materials.

US Department of State – South Africa

Supplies fact sheets about the country as well as press release updates and official travel guide.

US Library of Congress – Portals to the World

Compilation of various resources relevant to South Africa and its different industries and sectors.

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