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Food and Beverage Museums

Agropolis - Museum

Contains scientific research relating to food production, historical development of food and agriculture, and conserved document archives.

American Diner Museum

Highlights the museum's historical development, food exhibition tours, agricultural education resources, and donation opportunities.

Culinair Historisch Museum en Kookschool De Vleer

Provides details and information focusing on the various methods and utensils for the preparation and preservation of food throughout the ages. Includes workshop schedules, food tips, and activity guides.

Culinary Archives and Museum at Johnson & Wales University

Compiles items and artifacts relating to the field of culinary arts and hospitality from the years 3000 B.C until the present.

Hermann-Grima Historic House

Provides cooking demonstrations and guided tours relating to the culinary history and cultural development of the local community.

J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator Museum

Features a restored, working grain elevator built in 1904 and located just off Route 66 in Atlanta, Illinois. Includes visitors' guide and membership information.

Musee de l'Alimentarium

Offers details into the dietary diversity of the four regions on the world, and changes into the culinary customs, tools, and equipment.

New Jersey Museum of Agriculture

Exhibits the community's contribution on the global food production throughout world history including agricultural advances and details into the future of farming.

Nordiska Museet

Highlights the development of the food and drink, customs and tradition, and utensils pertaining to the local community meals.

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