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Knowledge Management Representation

John F. Sowa Website

Collection of directories related to knowledge representation, ontology, and computer systems.

Knowledge Representation

Book covering various areas of knowledge representation. Site presents the book's preface, table of contents, and errata.

Knowledge Systems, AI Laboratory

Stanford University research on knowledge representation and automated reasoning. Explores means for enabling technology for the Semantic Web, hybrid reasoning, deductive question-answering, knowledge aggregation, and ontology engineering.

KR, Inc.

Scientific foundation concerned with fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning.


Maryland information and network dynamics lab semantic web agents project.

Semantic Knowledge Representation

United States National Library of Medicine project initiated to develop programs that provide usable semantic representation of biomedical free text.

SUNY Buffalo - Ontology

Offering a history of ontology, information on contemporary ontology, and ontological engineering.


Fast tag or text cloud generating online tool. Creates clouds from website URLs, copied text, or uploaded text files.


Flash based tag cloud generating tool featuring options for custom shaping clouds, using multiple fonts, and employing various effects.


Enables the creation of creative tag or word clouds for speeches, news articles, slogans, or letters. Features a gallery of other users' creations.


Presents a framework for conceptual knowledge processing.

Features a collection of data visualizations and infographics. Also offers a tool for quickly creating professional looking data visualizations and infographics.


Word cloud generator that helps summarize documents, reports, and speeches and can be used in classrooms or on the web.


Tool for generating word or tag clouds. Creates word clouds from texts provided or through tags.

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