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Information Overload

Abora Hypermedia Project

Seeks to implement and nurture information systems that enable individuals and groups to create a rich literature of long lived works.

Are You Drowning in a Sea of Information

Short practical guide to managing information. Centers on the relevance, timeliness, and accuracy factors.


Interactive text network accommodates text submissions and organized through keywords.

Bootstrap Institute

Information on how this institute finds solutions to address the problems of information overload.

How Much Information

Study by the University of Berkeley serves as an attempt to measure the amount of information produced in the world every year.

Overcome Email Overload

Guide to dealing with overwhelming numbers of e-mail messages received via the Eudora and Outlook e-mail client software.

See the Destruction of E-mail Messaging

Tackles the harmful effects of spams and other commercial messages on e-mail messaging.

Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload

Stever Robbins' list of hints on how to avoid the ill effects of information overload with e-mails.

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