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Spanish Language Schools


Contains brief descriptions and price details of the Spanish language schools around the world.

Academia Atlantika

Language school operated by professionals who continue to improve the study programs. Offers courses in Spanish as a foreign language.

Alto: Spanish for Cops

Details about the home study course designed to help police officers with vocabulary needed when dealing with Spanish-speaking subjects.

AmeriSpan: Study Abroad Programs

Group of specialists providing opportunities for language learning in various countries.

Atlanta Academy of Language Learning

Atlanta’s center for Spanish language learning. Details the course programs and philosophy of the school.

Ave Nicaraguita

Profile of the school in Nicaragua offering courses in Spanish language learning presented. Also details program courses offered by the institution.

Babylon Idiomas

Offering Spanish courses in Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica.

Barlovento School of Spanish

Provides details about the learning center that promotes the teaching, study, and use of Spanish as a second language.

Be Bilingual

Language school that provides foreign language classes, private instructions, and immersions, with trained and experienced instructors.

Best Spanish Schools Network

Resource for information on study abroad programs specializing in Spanish language and culture courses.


Institution focused in teaching the language and culture of the country. Details the programs offered for different age levels and price rates.

BSL Interlenguas – London Intensive Language Courses

Offers courses in learning the Spanish, English, Italian, French and German language for business or personal purposes. Includes booking details, FAQs, and other resources.

Camino Barcelona

Spanish language school near Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona offering a variety of courses at different times during the year.

CASA - International Sprachschule Bremen

Language school that coordinates with trained and experienced teachers in foreign linguistics. Also offers courses in various languages.

Center of Spanish Studies

Details the Spanish courses taught and the programs offered at the school situated in Greece.

Centro de Linguistica Aplicada

Presents details about the Spanish language school offering year-round, small group classes in the Caribbean.

Centro Internacional de Idiomas

Center for language learning situated in the Honduras. Offers courses in Spanish and provides opportunities for immersions.

Conversational Spanish Center

Promotes the offered language services of the Houston-based language school, with instructors who are native Spanish speakers.

Creative Language Center

Provides details about the school that caters to language and culture courses of the Spanish-speaking countries.

don Quijote

Learn Spanish in Spain or Mexico.


Offers Spanish language courses where the language is spoken, such as in Spain and Latin America. Details about accommodations, prices, and schedule included.

Escuela de Español Pico Bonito

Provides Spanish language and culture lessons with courses of varying types and offered immersion activities.

Español in New York City

Presents an overview about the school and its offered Spanish courses in private and semi-private classes held in the student’s home or office.

Executive Spanish Immersion

Contains an online directory list of schools offering language programs in Spanish speaking countries.


Provides information about the Spanish immersion programs offered in Latin America. Includes details on the courses and accommodations.

Fluency Fast

School that teaches various languages in an easy and effective way. Provides resources and information on admissions.

Fox Language Academy

Language school in Sucre, Bolivia that offers Spanish lessons for the second language learner and travelers.

Habla Ya Language Center

Contains overview about the teaching methods, facilities, and courses offered by Spanish language school situated in Panama.

Instituto Chileno de la Lengua

Language institution offering an accelerated program designed to advance Spanish communication skills.

Instituto Intercultural del Caribe

Educational institution offering Spanish classes to second language learners in the Dominican Republic.

Ixbalanque Spanish School

Profile of the educational institution offering Spanish language and culture courses.

Language Institute of Atlanta

Displays the educational institution's class schedule, offered courses, and contact details.

Language Institute of Georgia

Features a progressive comprehension approach of instruction that focuses on sentence building capability.

Language Link

Promotes language schools located in Spanish-speaking countries. With updates and links to related pages.

Language Loop

Highlights this language school in Chicago that offers specialized vocabulary curriculum.

Latin Immersion

Details on the language schools' offered courses along with contact information and list of activities.

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

Information on course programs, instructors, and prices of this language school.

Mayasol Spanish School

Spanish language school that offers interactive programs that focuses on the enhancement of all of the basic communication skills.

Medical Spanish

Specializes in providing healthcare professionals Spanish lessons and language learning courses.


Spanish school in Chile that exposes students to the language and culture of the country with its group or individual classes and immersions.

Nicaragua Spanish School

Language school with courses that meet each student's time schedule, individual interests, and knowledge of the Spanish language.


International Spanish school that caters to students, executives and families from all over the world.

Offers a variety of courses in learning Spanish, such as study abroad programs, online courses, and lessons for business purposes.

Queen Sofia Spanish Institute

Promotes understanding of the Spanish language and culture through the institute that organizes language instruction and cultural events related to Spain and Latin America.

Rapid Spanish

Profiles professional organization that proffers language-learning courses. Includes details on classes and facilities.

Second Language LLC

Language school located in New Britain, Middletown that specializes in teaching Spanish at varying levels and classes.


Center for language-learning that caters to kids and adults. With information on admission policies and facilities.

Spanish 2 Go

Institution that offers individual and small group language classes. With rates and links to related pages.

Spanish Amigos

Presents resources for learning Spanish online and information about language schools that offer Spanish courses.

Spanish Arriba

Group of instructors who are native Spanish speakers offering their language teaching services in London.

Spanish Black Belt

Provides overview about the Spanish classes offered in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Richmond VA, Maryland, and Baltimore areas.

Spanish Circle

Offers a linguistic-based instruction for adult second language learners, provided by talented and passionate instructors.

Spanish Classes in New York

Language school in Manhattan that offers lessons and tutorials, books, CDs, and other materials for learning Spanish.

Spanish Horizons, Inc.

Details the services in language lessons, translation, and interpretation from the company that enables cross-cultural communication.

Spanish in the Spanish World

Promotes a wide range of Spanish courses taught in schools of Spain and Latin America.

Spanish on Patrol

Offers Spanish language training for public safety employees like police officers and fire fighters, who cannot avoid dealing with Spanish speaking people.

Spanish Over Coffee Program

Promotes mastery of communicating in Spanish by undergoing their offered language courses.

Spanish Por Favor

Facilitates services in international education and specializes in sending students to Spanish language and culture schools in Latin America.

Spanish School Directory

Provides links and contact details of Spanish language schools from around the world.


Center for learning Spanish in London. With details on tuition fee rates and programs offered.

Spanish Study Holidays

Provides Spanish courses at varying levels from schools situated in Spain and Latin America.

Presents information about language schools in countries and cities where Spanish is the native language. Includes details on online exercises.

Resource for information on Spanish language programs, materials, and schools in Spain and Latin America.

Study Spanish and Surf

Provides opportunities for learning Spanish and also gives emphasis on surfing lessons.


Represents selected language schools from all over the world, offering Spanish, French, German and English programs.


Caters to students from different nations for language-learning courses. Provides assistance in preparing for a language learning experience.

Tandem Santiago

Association of companies offering services in guided tours, second language learning, lodgings, and internships in Chile.

Terra Australis

Institution for studying Spanish that puts emphasis on both learning and acquiring the language.

Torreblanca Language Consulting

Aids people in learning how to speak Spanish or in improving language skills.

Venezuelan Adventure in Languages

Offers language, accommodations and opportunities for experiencing Venezuelan culture.

Visual Link Spanish Complete Courses

Learning center that offers free online language lessons. Contact information provided.

Where There Be Dragons

Provides language and culture learning activities. With newsletter and links to educational resources.

Winton International

Highlights this learning center that provides customized homestudy programs and resources for learning Spanish.

Workplace Spanish

Resource center designed to help people communicate in Spanish. Lists programs offered and contact details.

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