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Alcor: Rhyming Dictionary

Introduces a program designed for finding an appropriate word rhyme for certain uses.

Analog Rhyme

Rhyming dictionary with a searchable collection of over 100,000 words.


Online rhyming dictionary finds words that rhyme and almost rhyme.

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Not a language really but a collection of verses and words used by Cockneys and some Londoners. Includes the Cockney alphabet and a translator.

Free Rhyming Dictionary

Online rhyming dictionary generates results of end, last syllable, double, beginning, and first syllable rhymes.

Lexical FreeNet

Tool for finding related, connected, or rhyming words for particular terms.

McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme with VersePerfect

Free downloadable rhyming dictionary and verse editor.

Rhyme Genie

Rhyming dictionary featuring over 300,000 entries and 170,000 phrases useful for lyricists, poets, songwriters, rappers, and copywriters.

Rhyme It

Users can enter a word and receive a list of rhyming words, organized by number of syllables.

Rhyme Zone

Learn about the features of this rhyming application. Go over the documents presented as well.


Collection of tools include a rhyming dictionary, alliteration aid, writing helper, and dewordifier.


Allows users to search for rhyming words as well as provides definitions and translations to a variety of languages.

What Rhymes With?

Web-based rhyming dictionary for poems and lyrics following standard English pronunciations.


Online rhyming dictionary featuring pure rhymes, end rhymes, near rhymes, and near end rhymes.

Words That Rhyme With

Presents rhymes for a word with specified rhyme length and number of letters and syllables.


Web-based rhyming dictionary and thesaurus also featuring words in a number of other languages.

Write Rhymes

Provides a convenient space for writing poetry or other literary work that makes use of rhyming. Holding the alt key and clicking on a word (while writing on the text area) opens a pop up listing of words that rhyme with the selected word.

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