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  • Alcor: Rhyming Dictionary

    Introduces a program designed for finding an appropriate word rhyme for certain uses.

  • Analog Rhyme

    Rhyming dictionary with a searchable collection of over 100,000 words.

  • B-Rhymes

    Online rhyming dictionary finds words that rhyme and almost rhyme.

  • Cockney Rhyming Slang

    Not a language really but a collection of verses and words used by Cockneys and some Londoners. Includes the Cockney alphabet and a translator.

  • Free Rhyming Dictionary

    Online rhyming dictionary generates results of end, last syllable, double, beginning, and first syllable rhymes.

  • Lexical FreeNet

    Tool for finding related, connected, or rhyming words for particular terms.

  • McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme with VersePerfect

    Free downloadable rhyming dictionary and verse editor.

  • Rhyme Genie

    Rhyming dictionary featuring over 300,000 entries and 170,000 phrases useful for lyricists, poets, songwriters, rappers, and copywriters.

  • Rhyme It

    Users can enter a word and receive a list of rhyming words, organized by number of syllables.

  • Rhyme Zone

    Learn about the features of this rhyming application. Go over the documents presented as well.

  • RhymeBrain

    Collection of tools include a rhyming dictionary, alliteration aid, writing helper, and dewordifier.

  • Rhymes.net

    Allows users to search for rhyming words as well as provides definitions and translations to a variety of languages.

  • What Rhymes With?

    Web-based rhyming dictionary for poems and lyrics following standard English pronunciations.

  • WikiRhymer

    Online rhyming dictionary featuring pure rhymes, end rhymes, near rhymes, and near end rhymes.

  • Words That Rhyme With

    Presents rhymes for a word with specified rhyme length and number of letters and syllables.

  • Woxikon

    Web-based rhyming dictionary and thesaurus also featuring words in a number of other languages.

  • Write Rhymes

    Provides a convenient space for writing poetry or other literary work that makes use of rhyming. Holding the alt key and clicking on a word (while writing on the text area) opens a pop up listing of words that rhyme with the selected word.

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