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Multilingual Dictionaries

Cool Slang

Serves as a global venue for sharing and presenting information on different slangs from different countries.


Contains free and downloadable dictionaries as well as human edited language translations.


Free, fast, and easy to use language translation assistant.

Jonsay Online Language Dictionaries

English translated into a variety of other languages with the use of word lists.

Lang to Lang

Tool for getting different language versions of a certain word. Accommodates translation queries for German, French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, and more.


Mark a check on a language of choice, key in the search word and run the Lexsee database search tool to find a translation.

Accommodates word definition queries for ten lanaguages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Latin, and more.

Professional Translation Services

Offers professional and high quality translation dictionaries. With a currency converter.


Desktop app that brings the functions of the Google translator into Microsoft Windows. Presents screenshots and answers to frequently asked questions.


Interactive dictionary for English, Spanish, and Norwegian terms. Also allows for word translations.


Free dictionary presents the synonyms or corresponding other language term of certain English and non-English terminologies.


Archive of open source and redistributable language learning resources. Covers most known languages around the world.

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