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Language Dictionaries

  • A Dictionary of Comprehension

    Copyrighted dictionary of words in twenty-eight languages. Also has special presentations on illusions, signs, and symbols.

  • All Words

    Fast and free English-multilingual dictionary. Also features a crossword solver, posts blogs, and presents quotations and tools for creative writing.

  • Double-Tongued Word Wrester

    Growing dictionary of old and new words from the fringes of the English language.

  • English-Polish Dictionary

    Includes a Polish dictionary along with articles about Poland and Polish culture.

  • Free Online Dictionaries

    Providing English translation dictionaries, including Danish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and more.

  • Howjsay

    Online dictionary of English pronunciations. Enter a word, when it turns pink, mouse-over to hear it pronounced.

  • Kamus

    Large English-Indonesian dictionary, frequently adding new translations. justadded

  • List of Adjectives

    A collection of lists of adjectives grouped by the first letter of the adjectives. The website also has a search engine that can find any adjectives by their starting letters.

  • Reverso Online Dictionary

    Provides word definitions and synonyms as well as translations in French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

  • Spanish Translator Services

    Free financial and accounting dictionaries for English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations.

  • Technical English - Spanish Vocabulary

    A technical vocabulary useful in helping the students, technicians and engineers to overcome the difficulties of translating from English into Spanish.

  • Word Reference

    Online French, Italian and Spanish dictionary.

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