Internet Words and Acronym Dictionaries in the Best of the Web Directory

Internet Words and Acronym Dictionaries

  • Acronym Dictionary

    Simple guide to the different words and phrases used in electronic messages. Includes information on the different terms represented by characters or combinations of characters.

  • Di{git}ctionary

    Listings and definitions of various Internet-related terminologies.

  • Dictionary of Computer Abbreviations

    Collection of computer abbreviations information compiled from various authoritative sources on the web.

  • Internet Glossary

    Web lingo dictionary published online under the GNU Public license. Accommodates new term submissions or updates.

  • Lingo2Word

    Comprehensive Internet dictionary, emoticon guide, texting thesaurus, message translator, and guide to chat words and smileys.

  • Netlexicon

    Online glossary provides information on the essential terms that concern the Internet and web technology.

  • Netlingo

    Internet dictionary with daily tech trivia, featured words and acronyms, and pertinent news and updates.

  • Search Engine Dictionary

    Comprehensive search engine terminology glossary available as a PDF download. With search engine related tools and resource links.

  • Sharpened Glossary

    List of typically used email, online chat, and text messaging acronyms and their meanings.

  • Webmaster Glossary

    Compiles definitions of various terms and acronyms used in web development or website design and building.

  • Webopedia

    Editors of the Webopedia online computer and Internet terms dictionary maintain a database of concise and relevant technology definitions.

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