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Internet Words and Acronym Dictionaries

Acronym Dictionary

Simple guide to the different words and phrases used in electronic messages. Includes information on the different terms represented by characters or combinations of characters.

Chat Word Dictionary

Searchable reference for commonly used Internet slang, terms, phrases, and acronyms.


Listings and definitions of various Internet-related terminologies.

Dictionary of Computer Abbreviations

Collection of computer abbreviations information compiled from various authoritative sources on the web.

Internet Glossary

Web lingo dictionary published online under the GNU Public license. Accommodates new term submissions or updates.


Comprehensive Internet dictionary, emoticon guide, texting thesaurus, message translator, and guide to chat words and smileys.


Online glossary provides information on the essential terms that concern the Internet and web technology.


Internet dictionary with daily tech trivia, featured words and acronyms, and pertinent news and updates.

Search Engine Dictionary

Comprehensive search engine terminology glossary available as a PDF download. With search engine related tools and resource links.

Sharpened Glossary

List of typically used email, online chat, and text messaging acronyms and their meanings.

Simple Internet Glossary

Explanations on the typically used acronyms and terms in the Internet.

Webmaster Glossary

Compiles definitions of various terms and acronyms used in web development or website design and building.


Editors of the Webopedia online computer and Internet terms dictionary maintain a database of concise and relevant technology definitions.

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