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Finance Dictionaries

Accounting Glossary

Provides information on and definitions of accounting terms.

American Banker Glossary

Alphabetical listing of various banking terms with respective definitions.

Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary

Information about different terms and derivatives related to banking, investments, and financial risk management.

Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary

Extensive online financial glossary maintaining over 8000 entries and more that 18000 hyperlinks.

Dictionary of Financial Risk Management

Risk management terms and definitions compiled and presented by the American Stock Exchange, LLC.

Financial Dictionary

Defines common financial terms and includes articles about certain terms used in the banking and financial industries.


Covers important and sometimes complicated financial topics, keeping explanations simple and easy to understand.

FX Words Trading Glossary

Online Forex terms and other financial words defined.

Investment Dictionary

Guide to investing terms and their definitions.

Educational resources for investing. Includes a dictionary of financial terms, articles, tutorials, and more.

Web-based resource for information on terms used in investment, by investors. Site features a "term of the day" section.

Glossary of investment and financial terms. Search for a term or browse by letter. Glossary

Financial and trading terms glossary translatable to other languages.

Morgan Stanley Dictionary of Financial Terms

Online guide to financial jargon and technical terminologies. Search by term or definition.

Yahoo Financial Glossary

Long page of financial terms organized alphabetically.

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