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Amateur VHF Radio

Amateur Radio Propagation Studies

Features articles, software, and links about Sporadic-E, Aurora, FAI, EME, and Beam Finder analysis.

Amateur Radio Repeater Websearch

Repeater and broadcast transmitters database that covers list of amateur repeaters and broadcast transmitters with specifications.

An Amateur Radio Miscellany at

Displays content information on personal activities and interests including amateur radio contesting and associated projects.

Azimuthal Equidistant Projection

Showcases online map creation software including updates, and information about the AZ projection site.


Homepage contains amateur radio VHF, UHF, and SHF information. Includes emphasis on Meteor-Scatter, Rain-Scatter, and Aurora clusters.


Displays VHF and UHF operational and technical information including Grid locator maps, and QSL galleries.

EI4IX's VHF Website

Details about VHF bands including frequency log search, real audio clips, locator maps, and other VHF links.

EI5FK's VHF Ham Radio Website

Amateur radio page provides log and audio files, photos, locator maps, meteor scatter information, and links to related pages.


Personal page of radio amateur G0AFH contains UHF contesting photos and travel archive.


Resource page for various amateur radio programs created including the VHF contest logging software.


Provides photos and descriptions of equipment used in Reg Belshaw’s station.

GM-23 Scotland 1296 MHz Scene

Presents available resources on amateur radio search for 23cm DX and other related links.


Contains index information about astronomy photos, telescope projects, and radio software preferences.

Ham Radio USA

Includes product listing, amateur radio services, FAQs, and links by Ham radio USA.

Intercept Radio

VHF/UHF monitoring group. Offers an extensive radio/scanner frequency database. Also features live audio and a map search section.

VHF Weak Signal Solutions by SM5BSZ

Includes cluster spot information and details on designing and building equipment for VHF long distance communication.

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