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Amateur Radio Satellite Tracking


Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation fosters to amateur radio participation in space research and communication.

Bester Tracking Systems, Inc.

Provides services and product suites for the aerospace community. Including satellite tracking and consultancy.


Features online catalog, software repositories, historical archives, and space data from satellites in low-earth orbit.

Clarke Belt Snapshot Calculator

Provides prediction of satellite locations from any point in the earth using Two Line Elements files.


Article, with photographs and schematic diagrams showing how to build a low cost system.

FODtrack Satellite Tracking Interface

Showcases a low cost automatic antenna rotor controller specifically developed for amateur radio satellite tracking operations.


Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application. Includes features, screen shot details, software download and developer information.


Offers satellite tracking software with antenna radiation maps for optimal satellite coverage.

Northern Lights Software Associates

Provides Windows-based real time satellite tracking software for scientific and engineering applications.

Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System

Features real time satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes that includes software details.

Real-time ISS Shuttle Data

Presents NASA information on real-time satellite tracking, orbital elements, and sighting predictions.

Safety Track

Showcases an automated vehicle tracking and control system using Global Positioning System for a wide range of applications.


Freeware program that produces real-time displays of satellite locations and predictions.

UK Satellite Feeds

Includes latest information about satellite hardware and software feeds, frequencies, and listings.

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