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Amateur Radio Special Interest Organizations

Amateur Radio Digital Communications

Nonprofit organization devoted to advancing amateur radio networking and educating amateur radio operators.

Black Rock Amateur Radio Association

Nonprofit group that provides amateur radio communication facilities for visitors in Northern Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

Flying Boat Amateur Radio Society

Presents amateur radio club information, member roster and mailing addresses, photo gallery, and related web links.


Features Ham radio for persons with disabilities. Includes historical information, news list, membership details, and contacts.

Interconnect Net

Information about the amateur radio service that includes newsletters, net history, photo album, and contact facts.

International Amateur Radio Union Monitor System

Monitors frequencies allocated exclusively to the amateur radio service. Includes membership details, downloadable signal wave files, links, and contact facts.

Maritime Mobile Service Network

Provides operational traffic handling information from maritime mobiles and overseas deployed service personnel.

Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club, Illinois and Wisconsin

Resource site that contains information about the amateur radio motorcycling enthusiasts of Illinois and Wisconsin.

No-Code International

Organization dedicated to the abolition of the Morse code testing requirement as prerequisite to any class of amateur radio license.

Northeast Ohio Amateur Radio Education (NOARD)

Presents updates and announcements, contact details, affiliate clubs, amateur radio education resources, and related links.

Northern Lights Radio Society

Group of Upper Midwest amateur radio operators actively involved in weak signal work on the VHF, UHF, and microwave bands.

Pocket Auto-Patch Association (PAPA)

Group of radio amateurs that make use of the PAPA system in Southern California and beyond. Provides communication support to public safety and emergency organizations.

South West Astronomy Observers Group

Group of astronomical observers and Ham radio operators. Includes articles, reports, and astronomy discussion sessions in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

United Kingdom Internet Protocol Group

Highlights on the development of TCP and IP via amateur radio in the UK, including facts about amateur packet radios.

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