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Amateur Radio Repeater Groups

  • Amateur Radio Repeater Geezers United Society

    Nonprofit group committed to preserving the history of amateur radio technology. Also provides technical resources, equipment, skills, and services in times of disasters and emergencies.

  • Big Shanty Repeater Group

    North Atlanta club presents information on amateur television repeaters, APRS, and Internet radio linking projects.

  • Cactus Intertie System

    Private amateur radio system consisting of a large number of remotely controlled base stations interconnected utilizing full duplex links.

  • Calnet Repeater Group

    Serves amateur radio operations across California. Presents a coverage map, membership information, member profiles, photos, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Castle Rock Repeater Group

    Organization serving the amateur radio communities of Denver, Colorado, and Front Range. Presents newsletters, group documents, and membership information.

  • Clairemont Repeater Association (CLARA)

    Official CLARA website provides information on membership, on-air events, and mission. With contact details and resource links.

  • Coloradio Repeater Association

    Provides amateur repeater services throughout the Colorado area. Includes club overview, repeater information, and contact list.

  • Colorado Connection Repeaters

    Displays system status and repeater list information, announcements, mailing details, and other Ham amateur radio links in Colorado.

  • Delaware Repeater Association

    Contains details on membership application, photo archives, photo archives, and links to Ham radio sites.

  • Ellicott Amateur Radio Club

    Posts updates and announcements, information on club activities, contacts, and related links.

  • FieldComm

    Resource page for licensed amateur radio operators and enthusiasts that includes information about Shack, APRS, GMRS, and Beacon modes.

  • FishFAR

    Amateur repeater system in Northern Illinois. Presents a coverage map, frequency schedule, and membership information.

  • Florida Repeater Council

    Amateur frequency coordinating body for the State of Florida that provides repeater frequency coordination and interference resolution.

  • Illinois Repeater Association

    Amateur radio frequency coordination organization affiliated with the National Frequency Coordinator's Council (NFCC). Presents repeater directories and amateur radio related links.

  • Indiana Repeater Council

    Coordinating body for radio repeaters in Indiana recognized by the National FrequencyCoordinating Council (NFCC).

  • Insurance City Repeater Club

    Presents repeater frequencies, net details, and packet radio, including news and membership information for the amateur repeater club.

  • Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group

    ARRL special service club operating as a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote amateur radio and provide community assistance through radio communications.

  • Kansas Amateur Repeater Council

    Presents a repeater directory, a Kansas PL map, repeater news, contact details, and related links.

  • KC4KZT/R

    Features information about technical specifications for the repeater system, including photos, and mailing list.

  • KC8LRN

    Personal page of Larry Tottem that contains list of repeater frequency information and systems located in West Virginia.

  • KD4RTR/R

    Details about repeater frequencies and systems by Chris Deskins of Kentucky.

  • Lake Wales Repeater Association (LWRA)

    Amateur radio group in Winter Haven, Florida. Presents a calendar of events, LWRA documents, membership information, and contact details.

  • Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA)

    Nonprofit group owning and operating VHF and UHF amateur radio repeaters across Southern Nevada. Provides services for emergency communications.

  • Manitoba Repeater Society (MRS)

    Nonprofit organization established to promote amateur radio through FM communications. Operates an extensive system of repeaters throughout the southern portion of Manitoba.

  • Michigan Area Repeater Council (MARC)

    Presents coordination information, bylaws and standards, procedures, resolutions, meeting schedules and minutes, newsletters, and a repeater directory.

  • Milwaukee Repeater Club

    Repeater group in Wisconsin. Presents meeting details, membership information, list of officers, and newsletters.


    Presents a schedule of repeater frequencies, past and upcoming events, board rules, and news.

  • New England Repeater Directory (NERD)

    Updated online database of amateur radio repeaters in the New England region.

  • Oklahoma Repeater Society Inc.

    Aims to provide public service through amateur radio, compile and share information related to amateur radio operation, promote experimentation, and coordinate efforts in establishing standards for repeater systems and associated functions.

  • Oregon Coast Repeater Group

    Organization of professional volunteers who provide hardware, software, and support for nonprofit amateur radio operations involved in public safety, weather reporting, and emergency services.

  • Pikes Peak FM Association

    Amateur radio group that operates and maintains VHF and UHF communications facilities in Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region.

  • Pine Valley Repeater Amateur Radio Club

    Group of licensed ham radio operators aiming to promote amateur radio as a hobby and form of public service.

  • Puget Sound Repeater Group

    Nonprofit organization primarily serving amateur radio operations in North Seattle. Site presents the operating rules, weather announcements, events, and mailing lists.

  • Putnam Emergency and Amateur Repeater League (PEARL)

    Nonprofit corporation of licensed amateur radio operators. Provides emergency communication services for the Putnam County area.

  • Rochester Radio Repeater Association (RRRA)

    Nonprofit organization working for the advancement of amateur radio repeaters. Also aims to provide community service.

  • Rogue Valley Linking Association

    Showcases repeater information in Central Oregon and Northern California, including radio amateurs field day photos, net schedule, and mailing list.

  • Salem Repeater Association

    Organization working to improve emergency communication facilities in Salem. Presents repeater details and amateur radio information.

  • San Antonio Repeater Organization

    Presents the organization's officers, membership, committees, repeaters, and events. With bulletins and ham radio related links.

  • San Diego Repeater Association

    Provides open amateur radio repeater coverage in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Includes announcements, licensing information, and testing locations.

  • South Mountain Repeater Association (SMRA)

    Nonprofit group of amateur radio operators in the Cumberland County and surrounding areas of Central Pennsylvania. Operates a number of voice and digital packet repeaters.

  • Southern Nevada Repeater Council (SNRC)

    Coordinating body for the 10+ meter band in Southern Nevada. Presents a repeater list, band plan, newsletters, and staff information.

  • Spokane Repeater Group

    Presents a coverage map, group rules, updates, and information on public service and emergency functions.

  • Tennessee Linked Repeater Network

    Displays repeater technical information, collection of photos, links, and personal biography of the author.

  • Tulsa Repeater Organization (TRO)

    Presents an overview of the organization, details on the areas served, calendar of events, and membership roster.

  • Upper New York Repeater Council, Inc. (UNYREPCO)

    Organization created to serve and support the frequency coordination needs of amateur radio repeaters in the counties and areas of Upstate New York.

  • WA7UHF

    UHF repeater club providing free and open services to any licensed ham radio operator in the Seattle, Washington area.

  • WB2HWW Repeater Group

    Presents a calendar of activities. message board, galleries of photos and videos, news, and related links.

  • West Texas Repeater Association

    Nonprofit repeater group on the northwest corner of Texas that operates several repeaters for amateur radio.

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