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Amateur Radio Homebrew

1930s Homebrew Rack Transmitter

Displays Homebrew rack transmitter photo collections, with information on its origins, and descriptions.

4-1000A Project HF Amp

Features 80-10 meter band switchable HF amp using a 4-1000A. Includes basic design information and details on radio modifications.

73 de WD5GNR

Contains information on micro controllers, Ham radios, and links to other related sites.

809 RF Power Amplifier with 2A5 Exciter

Features detailed photos of the 809 RF power amplifier with triple 2A5 exciter. Contains page information and link to schematics.

AB0CW's Amateur and Antique Radio Page

Personal information about the amateur radio operator that includes details on Homebrew equipment and links.

Amateur Radio Construction Projects

Features information about the R2 receiver module that includes photos and descriptions.

Amateur Radio Homebrewing

Displays projects, resources, photos and sites about amateur radio homebrewing.

Crystal Radio and Tubes

Dedicated site for the preservation, experimentation, and advancement of crystal radios. Includes radio forums, contests, and restoration projects.

Crystal Set Society

Dedicated to building and experimenting with radio electronics that includes set projects, tips for crystal radio design, and antique radio history.


Covers facts and photos on making radio antennas that also includes details on repeater frequencies, operations, and news update.

DL4MEA, Guenter Koellner

Personal page contains information on Homebrew projects, QSL cards, and homemade radio station equipments.


Features amateur radio and radio frequency electronics projects. Includes photos of Ham radio equipment and gears.

Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects and Kits

Provides details on new homebrewing projects, news update, data sheets, and group announcements.

HAM Antenna Plans and Projects

Consists of home antenna projects and designs, including Ham radio tips, FCC information, and lists for HF, VHF, and UHF antennas.

HF Projects

Showcases collection of HF receivers and electronic constructional projects with photos.

Intelligent Software Solutions

Facts about accessory projects, software, schematics and kits by the amateur radio operator AA4PB.

K5BCQ Homebrew

Information page contains link site to Homebrew receiver photo collections for the radio enthusiasts.

Mod Transformer Data

Showcases library of model numbers, specifications and connection information for modulation transformers.

N4XY's WebSite

Presents categorical information on homebrewing, ham and boatanchor radios, test equipments, accessories, and electronics.

N6EV's Glowbugs Page

Content includes references, schematics, projects, and archive files for Glowbugs.

Radio Electronics and Computing Projects

Features collection of Homebrew projects for radio, electronics and computers by Hans Summers.

RxControl Software

Presents technical information about hardware and software for short wave radios.

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