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Amateur Radio Homebrew

  • 1930s Homebrew Rack Transmitter

    Displays Homebrew rack transmitter photo collections, with information on its origins, and descriptions.

  • 4-1000A Project HF Amp

    Features 80-10 meter band switchable HF amp using a 4-1000A. Includes basic design information and details on radio modifications.

  • 73 de WD5GNR

    Contains information on micro controllers, Ham radios, and links to other related sites.

  • 809 RF Power Amplifier with 2A5 Exciter

    Features detailed photos of the 809 RF power amplifier with triple 2A5 exciter. Contains page information and link to schematics.

  • AB0CW's Amateur and Antique Radio Page

    Personal information about the amateur radio operator that includes details on Homebrew equipment and links.

  • Amateur Radio Construction Projects

    Features information about the R2 receiver module that includes photos and descriptions.

  • Amateur Radio Homebrewing

    Displays projects, resources, photos and sites about amateur radio homebrewing.

  • Crystal Set Society

    Dedicated to building and experimenting with radio electronics that includes set projects, tips for crystal radio design, and antique radio history.

  • DL4MEA, Guenter Koellner

    Personal page contains information on Homebrew projects, QSL cards, and homemade radio station equipments.

  • DL5NEG

    Features amateur radio and radio frequency electronics projects. Includes photos of Ham radio equipment and gears.

  • Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects and Kits

    Provides details on new homebrewing projects, news update, data sheets, and group announcements.

  • HAM Antenna Plans and Projects

    Consists of home antenna projects and designs, including Ham radio tips, FCC information, and lists for HF, VHF, and UHF antennas.

  • Intelligent Software Solutions

    Facts about accessory projects, software, schematics and kits by the amateur radio operator AA4PB.

  • K5BCQ Homebrew

    Information page contains link site to Homebrew receiver photo collections for the radio enthusiasts.

  • Mod Transformer Data

    Showcases library of model numbers, specifications and connection information for modulation transformers.

  • N4XY's WebSite

    Presents categorical information on homebrewing, ham and boatanchor radios, test equipments, accessories, and electronics.

  • N6EV's Glowbugs Page

    Content includes references, schematics, projects, and archive files for Glowbugs.

  • Radio Electronics and Computing Projects

    Features collection of Homebrew projects for radio, electronics and computers by Hans Summers.

  • RxControl Software

    Presents technical information about hardware and software for short wave radios.

  • Vintage Amateur Radio Stations

    Dedicated to the construction and operation of vintage Ham radio stations Provides historical information, details on projects, and link sites.

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