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DX-100 Drive Pot Replacement

Provides technical facts in replacing the drive potentiometer of Heath DX-100 transmitter.

DX-100 Mods

Modification details of a DX-100 transmitter in receiving quality audio output.

DX-100 Mods by AA8TV

Features variety of audio modifications and improvements in the Heathkit DX-100 transmitter.

DX-100 Screen Modulation

Details about the screen modulation optimization for the Heath DX-100 transmitter are provided in this site.

DX-60 Modifications

Information page that contains schematics and ways on improving the audio of a DX-60 transmitter.

GR-54 and GR-91 Receivers

Provides photo display of Heathkit's GR-54 and GR-91 tube-type short wave receivers, with specification details, and pricing.

Heathkit Educational Systems

Provides the necessary know-how and skills for individuals to become certified in Home Technology Integration through a series of hands-on exercises and lessons.

Heathkit Message Board

Bulletin board for Heathkit enthusiasts. Displays information about modifications, trades, restorations, and repairs of Heathkit radios.

Heathkit Page

Provides model type manuals, parts, and accessory kits for Heathkit enthusiasts who restores and repairs vintage radios.

The Heathkit Shop

Shop features Heathkit products, gears, and information that are useful for vintage collectors and enthusiasts.

International Radio: Filters for Heath Radios

Supplier of custom designed filters for Heath radio transmitters. Includes model specifications and contact lists.

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