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Amateur Radio

Antique Radio Classified

Covers old radio, TV, telegraph, amateur/ham radio, high fidelity/hi-fi and audio.

Amateur radio community site featuring articles, forums, news, product reviews, operating information, classifieds, and resource links.

Ham Radio QSL

Directory of ham radio stations worldwide with rankings and statistics.


Forum for discussion of ham radio and related topics.

Ham radio reference site featuring information on antenna design and safety, code practice, short wave listening, amateur radio electronics, ham radio books, humor, ham radio license study, software, technicalities, and other related topics.

International Amateur Radio Union

Group provides information on activities, awards, projects, contests, events calendar, and news releases.

Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)

Project aimed at linking amateur radio systems through RF links, leased lines, and satellites. Operates a global network of dedicated servers and nodes.

QRZ Forums

Discussions on various topics related to amateur radio and QRZ activities and events.

Free email and hosting for amateur radio enthusiasts.

S-Meter Ham Radio Site

Online resource for ham radio information and for checking signals and listening to other ham radios on remote receivers.

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio

Offering news and specials, software information, publications, membership details, and conference news.

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