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Colubrid Snakes

The Alterna Page

Reference guide for Gray-banded King snakes contains forums, image gallery, and breeders’ directory list.

The Captive Breeding of Colubrid Snakes

Presents dissertation of the life cycle of a particular snake published as a four-part series.

Captive Care of Kingsnakes and Milksnakes

Explains the process of captive caring and handling of two different snake species.

Care and Captive Breeding of North American Ratsnakes

Gives overview, with captivity requirements and breeding information by species.

Corn Snakes

Information on keeping, handling, and breeding of the specific snake breed.

Presents details about the different snake varieties, with care sheets, photos, and species descriptions.

King Snake and Milk Snake Page

Promotes the two snake species, with facts on captive breeding, articles and care sheets, and photos.

The Mountain Kingsnake Enthusiast’s Site

Source of information for breeders and keepers of King snakes.

Ratsnakes of America

Includes details about different species and subspecies of ratsnake found in North America. With forums provided.

Ratsnakes of the Genus Elaphe

Brief description of the particular snake, with species’ list, photo gallery, and related links presented.

Sunbeam Snakes

Previews profile and brief description of the particular snake breed.

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