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Pet Newts and Salamanders

Alpine Newt (Triturus alpestris) Care Sheet

Resource for captive care facts that include breeding, lighting, housing, and feeding of the Alpine Newt.

Arboreal Salamander (Aneides) Care Sheet

Includes description of the particular specie with collection of articles and pictures featured.

Living Gunderworld

Consists of reptiles’ information, gallery pictures, and article readings.

The Mandarin Salamander FAQ

Introduces keeping, behavioral, and feeding facts, health issues, and other related species of the Crocodile Newt.

The Newt and Salamander Portal

Presents organizational profile, forums, journal entries, events update, and related links.

Slender Salamander (Batrachoseps) Care Sheet

Describes the slender animal's identification, habitats, and pictures.

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