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Bettas Fish


    Shows breeding information and feeding information of betta pets. Also displays a gallery of pictures.

  • Bama Bettas

    Collection of guides and information on keeping and breeding the Siamese Fighting Fish.

  • Beta Fish

    Displays information on food and nutrition, aquarium equipment and tools, diseases, and pictures of bettas.

  • The Betta Column

    Explains details about the genus of labyrinth fish with tips and keeping instructions, breeding procedures, and pictures.

  • Betta Splendens

    Provides information on breeding, tail forming, health and nutrition, and color patterns of betta fishes.


    Portal of resources to nutrition and health, maintenance, and breeding information of betta breeds.

  • Blue Betta USA

    Contains a gallery of pictures of available bettas and highlights various kinds of the breed.

  • Breeding Better Bettas

    Presents instructional manuals on how to breed Bettas with photos and list of details included.

  • California Betta Society

    Provides various articles on spawning tips, life expectancy, and feeding details of the bettas.


    Provides information on the breeding techniques and provides images of the aquatic species.

  • Healthy Betta

    Contains articles on supplies needed, choosing, and maintenance of betta breeds in aquariums.

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